Project Description

TA Tzero Pans Aluminum Sample Pan and lid 901683.901/901684.901

Tzero Pans and Tzero Hermetic Lids sets for using in Q20/Q200/Q2000.

Product Serial Number:508

Product details:
1)Material: aluminum 99.5%
2)Wrapping: pkg. of 100.
3)Color: nature color

TA Tzero Pans Aluminum Sample Pan and lid 901683.901/901684.901
Adaptation:TA instrument Q20/Q200/Q2000.
Temperature Range: -180°C to 600°C.

Aluminum Sample Pan designed for maximum performance in crimp or hermetic sealing of various sample sizes.
They can be used in the crimp seal mode with the Tzero Lids in the hermetic seal mode with the Tzero Hermetic Lids (P/N: 901684.901).

Premium pan/hermetic lid set have been successfully applied to many well-known enterprises and institutions in the fields of analysis and testing, biomedicine, petrochemical, fine chemical, daily chemical and food, environmental monitoring, universities and scientific research institutions, and provide them with a wealth of instrument configuration solutions.

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