Project Description

Alumina Crucibles for Thermal Analysis Netzsch/Mettler Toledo/TA/PerkinElmer/Setaram/Seiko/Hitachi/Shimadzu/Linseis/Bruker AXS

High quality aluminum oxide crucibles for measurements up to 1600 °C

Product Serial Number:302

Product details:
Supply a wide variety of crucibles that serve as sample containers for thermoanalytical measurements for DSC, DTA,TGA sample testing.
Aluminum oxide sample plate/crucible suitable temperature range -150 ~ 1700℃

Product  Description:

Aluminum oxide sample plate is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and erosion, with good chemical stability and thermal shock.
Sealed aluminum oxide sample trays/crucible, often used for moisture absorption and volatilization loss of samples.

Can use for TA (formerly Dupont), PE (Perkinelmer), NETZSCH (Germany), Mettler (Switzerland), SETARAM (France), Shimadzu (Japan), Rigaku (Japan), Seiko SII (Japan), LINSEIS (Germany) and AXS (Germany).

1.Reusable: After washing with water or washing with 10% hydrochloric acid, it can be used repeatedly without affecting the experimental results.

2.High thermal conductivity: the heat transfer rate between samples and samples/samples crucible is fast, to ensure that there is a very small temperature difference between the two, temperature distribution is uniform.

3.Stable structural performance: high purity alumina is used as raw material to form dense and uniform microcrystalline phase structure after high temperature sintering, which ensures that no peak occurs during use and it is not easy to have physical and chemical reaction with the analyzed samples.

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