Project Description

Sample Themocouple TGA 550/55/5500 For 956210.901

Compatible with 956210.901 for TA Instrument, also it is suitable the DTA thermocouple for the Discovery 5500.

Product Serial Number:533

Product details:
1)Use temperature: from room temperature to 1200 degrees Celsius.
2)Suitable for instrument: TA Discovery TGA (55/550/5500) and Q5000 IR TGA
3)Using temperature: from room temperature to 1100 degrees Celsius.

Product  Description:

Themocouple Sample TGA 550/55/5500
Alternative to TA#956210.901, also suitable for use with the TGA-HP and VTI-SA Sorption Analyzers.

A good thermocouple sample possesses the following qualities:
1.High-Temperature Resistance:
The temperature measurement range of a thermocouple depends primarily on the high-temperature performance of its thermoelectric electrodes. The wider the temperature range in which the thermoelectric electrodes maintain stable physical and chemical properties in a high-temperature medium, the better the thermocouple’s temperature measurement range.

2.Good Reproducibility:
For a thermocouple with identical thermoelectric electrode materials, it is crucial that their thermoelectric properties are consistent and stable. This ensures batch production of thermocouples and facilitates excellent interchangeability.

3.High Sensitivity and Good Linearity:
Thermocouples should generate a sufficiently large thermoelectric potential for a given temperature difference, and this potential should exhibit a linear relationship with temperature.

In addition to meeting the above requirements, it is beneficial for the thermocouple to have minimal resistance coefficient and temperature coefficient of resistance.

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