Project Description

Aluminum Tzero Pans/Lids Comparable to TA 901683.901 & 901671.901

DSC Aluminum Sample Pan for TA Instruments T Zero Q20/Q200 Solid test.

Product Serial Number:509

Product details:
1)Material: aluminum 99.5%
2)Bag: 100 Premium pan/lid set
3)Color: nature color

Aluminum Sample Pans and Lids Comparable to TA Tzero 901683.901 & 901671.901
Qty./Pkg. : 100 each Tzero Sample Pans & Lids.
Temperature Range: from-180 Deg.C to 600° Deg.C.

Most of time aluminum is inert, but sodium hydroxide and many acids can corrode or dissolve it. In some situation, the metal sample will form a co-molten alloy with the aluminium.
Solution: To strengthen the protective oxide layer, the aluminum crucible can be heated in air at 400 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Under pressure, pure aluminium crucibles can be cold-welded and sealed with a special press. The most commonly used standard aluminum crucibles that are generally recommended by the various DSC manufacturers, and the lighter aluminum crucibles are often used for testing thin film and powder samples, for example, due to their lower time constants and improved peak separation. However, these lighter crucibles are not suitable for liquid samples, as the sample is often squeezed out with the lid on.

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