Project Description

Al2O3 Netzsch Crucibles 0.3ml NGB810411 Analyzing & Testing

Crucibles for DTA Sensor1 of the DSC 404 F1/F3 Pegasus and for TGA2, TGA-DTA3 Sensor of the STA 449 F1/F3 Jupiter

Product Serial Number:529

Product details:
1)Material: Aluminum Oxide 99.5%
2)Capacity: 0.3ml
3)Color: white color

Product  Description:

Al2O3 Netzsch Crucibles 0.3 ml NGB810411 Analyzing & Testing.
Using Max.1700°C.
Applied in DTA Sensor1 of the DSC 404 F1/F3 Pegasus® and for TGA2, TGA-DTA3 Sensor of the STA 449 F1/F3 Jupiter.

Some more of netzsch crucibles.
Material (Purity/%) Temperature Range Consisting of Dimension/Volume Remarks Order Number
Al2O3(99.7) Max. 1700°C Slip-on plate ø 10 mm      GB343550
Al2O3 Max. 1700°C Crucible 0.2 ml GB445172
Al2O3 Max. 1700°C Crucible 0.3 ml NGB810411
Al2O3 Max. 1700°C Lid for NGB810411,GB445172 GB445175
Al2O3(99.7) Max. 1700°C Crucible 0.3 ml; inner ø 6 mm sixfold pierced NGB813974
Al2O3(99.7) Max. 1700°C Crucible 0.9 ml GB445215
Al2O3(99.7) Max. 1700°C Lid for GB445215 GB445216
Pt/Ir Max. 1600°C Crucible 0.3 ml GB280062
Pt/Ir Max. 1600°C Lid for GB280062 GB280066

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