Project Description

High Temperature Fasteners Alumina Ceramic Screws and Nuts

95% alumina ceramic screws and nuts, wear resistance and high temperature characteristics, can be customed your size and shape.

Product Serial Number:219

Product details:
1)Material:95% purity of alumina ceramics
2)Can custom your need product:yes
3)Function:electronic ceramics,industrial ceramic,mounting ceramics and corrosion resistant alumina ceramic.
4)Forming method isostatic pressure, hot pressing and dry pressing.
5)Packing : cartons,wooden case or pallet.

Product  Description:

About alumina screws
Alumina ceramic is the most mature of the engineering ceramics, offering excellent electrical insulation properties together with high hardness and good wear resistance,but relatively low strength and fracture toughness.Alumina ceramic is generally white but may also be pink or ivory.The color is derived from either the sintering additives or impurities in the raw materials.

Material data sheet of m6 high strength ceramic screw
Item Unit 95% Alumina
Heat resistance 1450
Bulk density g/cm 3 3.6
Water absorption % 0
Flexural strength Mpa 358
Thermal expansion 1X 10-6/°C 7.6
Thermal conductivity w/(m.k) 16

If need custom your shape and size of ceramic alumina screws and nuts insulatorcs, please send us size or design drawing.

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