Project Description

M2 M2.5 M3 M4 M5 M6 Al2O3 alumina ceramic screw and connecting bolt

Alumina ceramic screws is with the shape of hexagonal, cruciform, a glyph, etc.

Product Serial Number:220

Product  Description:

1.Electronic parts — heat sinks, substrates, coil forms, prototypes
2.Boron doping wafers in silicon semiconductor processing
3.Vacuum melting crucibles
4.CVD crucibles
5.Microcircuit packaging
6.Sputtering targets
7.High precision sealing, brazing, and metallizing fixtures
8.Microwave tubes
9.Horizontal caster break rings
10.Low friction seals
11.Plasma arc insulators
12.High temperature furnace fixtures and supports.

1.High thermal conductivity
2.Low thermal expansion
3.Good thermal shock resistance
4.High electrical resistance
5.Low dielectric constant and loss tangent
6.Microwave transparency
7.Non toxic
8.Easily machined — non abrasive and lubricious
9.Chemically inert
10.Not wet by most molten metals.

Application:Industrial Ceramic
Material:95% or 99% purity of alumina ceramic
Color: White
Density:3.8-6 gm/cm3
Flexure strength:280-900 Gpa
Compressive strength:1750-2500 Mpa
Working temperature:1200-1600 Deg.C
Package: box,wooden box or pallet.

If need custom your shape and size of alumina ceramics, please send us samples,size or design drawing.

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