Project Description

Alumina ceramic practical HID ceramic tube as mounting ceramics

We are a High alumina ceramic boat heater producer, can supply full size and various shape ceramic boat dish for using in teaching ceramic heating,tube furnace and ceramic heating.

Product Serial Number:218

Product details:
1)Material: alumina ceramics
2)Can custom your need product:yes
3)Function:electronic ceramics,industrial Ceramic

Product  Description:

1. Big hardness
2. Good wear resistance
3. Light weight
4. Wide range of application: all working conditions with high temperature and wear resistance environment requirements can be used, such as temperature controller, insulation parts, various small appliances
Thermal equipment, electric equipment, iron structure buildings, ship construction, etc.

About Electronic ceramics:
Electronic ceramics or electronic industry ceramics, in the electronic industry can use electrical and magnetic ceramics, known as electronic ceramics.
Electronic ceramic Porcelain is through the precision control of the surface, grain boundary and size structure to obtain the ceramic with new functions, with high mechanical strength, resistance high temperature,humidity, radiation resistance, medium constant in a wide range of changes, medium loss Angle tangent value is small, capacitance temperature coefficient
Adjustable (or adjustable rate of capacitance change), high electrical strength and insulation resistance, and excellent aging performance in energy and home.
It can be widely used in electric appliances, automobiles, etc.

If need custom your shape and size of alumina ceramics, please send us samples,size or design drawing.

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