Project Description

Alumina Ceramic Boats Assembly – Big Vessels with Nested Mini Craft

Alumina ceramic crucible set, several small size of alumina boats are put into big boats, can meet your different experimental test requirements.

Product Serial Number:404

Product details:
1.Material: High-purity alumina ceramic
2.Temperature Range:under 1600℃ for long time, 1750℃ for short time.
Large Crucible Length:120 mm
Small Crucible Length: 20 mm

Key Features:

1.Exceptional Heat Resistance:
The crucibles are forged from high-purity alumina ceramic, ensuring exceptional heat resistance even under the most rigorous experimental conditions.
Capable of withstanding elevated temperatures, making them ideal for applications involving high-temperature reactions and material analyses.

2.Chemical Stability:
The chemical composition of our alumina ceramic guarantees superior stability when exposed to a wide range of reagents, acids, and bases.
Resistant to corrosion and chemical reactions, ensuring the integrity of experiments and longevity of the crucible set.

3.Versatile Design:
Comprising a carefully calibrated ensemble of large and small crucibles, our set facilitates concurrent experiments, enhancing research efficiency.
Ideal for applications requiring varied testing conditions, as the smaller crucibles enable experimentation with different reagents, concentrations, and reaction parameters.

4.Precision Temperature Control:
The large crucible ensures uniform temperature distribution, allowing researchers to study reaction kinetics across varying volumes.
Provides accurate and reliable temperature control, essential for achieving consistent and reproducible experimental results.

5.Innovative Splash Prevention:
Designed with an innovative structure to prevent splashes from small crucibles, minimizing the risk of contamination and preserving the integrity of the overall experiment.
Enhances safety during high-temperature reactions, offering peace of mind to researchers.

6.Efficient Product Separation:
Facilitates the separation of products in multi-reaction scenarios, streamlining the post-experimental processes.
Increases efficiency and ease of handling experimental outcomes.

Chemical laboratory research
Metal and alloy melting
High-temperature reactions and analysis
Material performance testing

Packaging and Delivery:
Each crucible set undergoes rigorous inspection and is packaged with carton or air bubble film or box to ensure safe transportation. It always have stocks for most of times.

Product Size:

Code Description External Length(mm) External Width(mm) External Height(mm)
BC569 1 big size with 2 small size big size 90 60 20
small size 50 40 20
BC570 1 big size with 2 small size big size 95 65 23
small size 50 40 20
BC571 1 big size with 2 small size big size 60 30 20
small size 20 20 15
BC572 1 big size with 3 small size big size 80 40 20
small size 20 20 15
BC573 1 big size with 4 small size big size 90 60 20
small size 50 20 20
BC574 1 big size with 4 small size big size 95 65 23
small size 50 20 20
BC575 1 big size with 4 small size big size 100 30 20
small size 20 20 15
BC576 1 big size with 5 small size big size 120 60 20
small size 45 22 14

Tips: Tolerance: +- 2mm for all dimensions. The size is being updated continuously, if cannot find your need size in above list, please contact us directly.

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