Project Description

Hermetic Aluminum Sample Pan/Lid for 900793.901/900794.901

Aluminum Pans Hermetic compare to 900793.901/900794.901 for TA insturment Q10/Q100, DSC Sample Test.

Product Serial Number:510

Product details:
1)Material: AL 99.5%
2)Color: nature color

Hermetic Aluminum Sample Pan/Lid for 900793.901/900794.901
Pkg. of 200 sets Hermetic aluminum sample pan/lid
Withstand Temperature Range: -180°C to 600°C.

Shape of Aluminum Hermetic Sample Pans is bayonet type, but is not sealed.

Characterized is having good heat transfer, excellent sensitivity, peak separation and baseline performance.

Due to the narrow temperature range (up to 600°C), the Standard Hermetic Aluminum Sample Pan and cover are suitable for non-volatile solid samples and are commonly used for the study of polymer melting, crystallization and glass transition of polymers, thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

Used for low and medium temperature DSC testing of samples. To ensure efficient heat exchange between the sample and the sensor, use a high-quality sample dish/crucible with a suitable temperature range for optimum results.

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