Project Description

0.25mm thick Round Ceramic Plates / Substrates / Gasket / Sheet

A wide length, width and thickness of ceramic substrate can be customed, with high strength and purity.

Product Serial Number:215

Product details:
1)Material: alumina ceramics
2)Can custom your need product:yes
3)Microstructure: single crystal
4)Processing equipment: powder molding machine and kiln.
5)Alumina ceramic disk shape: round, rectangle,square or other special size.

Product  Description:

Advantage of alumina ceramic sheet
1) High strength, with high mechanical strength, high volume resistivity and good electrical insulation performance.
2) Durability, our independent research and development, not easy to aging, safe use.
3) Select the best material, the product is made of high-purity alumina, and the quality is guaranteed.
4) Experienced, with a group of old masters and experts who have been working for many years, perfect technical equipment to make good products.

Industrial Ceramic Plate is widely used in electronic,electrical,mechanical equipment, hight voltage, hight temperature, esay to ware parts.

Product technology
Dry Pressing Hot die casting Medium temperature dewaxing
Hard fire Within the circle grinding Cylindrical grinding
Flat round grinding Inner hole line grinding and polishing
Table of performance parameters of alumina ceramic sheet
Item Unit 96% AL2O3
Density G/CM3 3.92
Water absorption % 0
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/K 8.5
Young’s modulus of elasticity Gpa 340
Poisson ratio / 0.22
Hardness(Hv) Mpa 1650
Bending strength(room temperature) Mpa 310
Bending strength(700℃) Mpa 230
Compressive strength(room temperature) Mpa 2200
Fracture toughness MPa.m1/2 4.2
Thermal conductivity(room temperature) W/M.K. 29.3
Dielectric strength KV/mm 12
Thermal resistance K/W 0.3
Long term operating temperature (℃) 1480
Resistivity Ω·mm2/m >1016
Maximum service temperature(no load) 1600
Corrosion resistance to acid and alkali / Strong
Refractoriness 2000

If need custom your shape and size of aluminum oxide ceramic plate, please send us samples,size or design drawing.

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