Project Description

Pt platinum pans compare to Netzsch/Mettler Toledo/TA/PerkinElmer/Setaram/Seiko/Hitachi/Shimadzu/Linseis/Bruker AXS

Supply high purity Platinum pans as a replacement for variety of TG-DTA, TG-DSC, DSC-TG, Pyrisl TGA.

Product Serial Number:300

Product details:
Supply a wide variety of DSC sample pans that serve as sample containers for thermoanalytical measurements for DSC, DTA,TGA sample testing.

Product  Description:

Can use for TA (formerly Dupont), PE (Perkinelmer), NETZSCH (Germany), Mettler (Switzerland), SETARAM (France), Shimadzu (Japan), Rigaku (Japan), Seiko SII (Japan), LINSEIS (Germany) and AXS (Germany).

Platinum crucibles are also reusable crucibles.Platinum crucible has good thermal conductivity
Compared with ceramic crucible, platinum crucible can achieve better synchronization in synchronous thermal analyzer
DSC test results.However, it should be noted that platinum may be used as a catalyst for some samples, so before use
Analyze it carefully.The melting point of the platinum crucible is 1770℃.When conducting high temperature tests, platinum crucible may be associated with a
Some metals and compounds form a co-melting point, the melting point of the crucible decreases, causing the crucible to stick to the sensor.To solve the gold
The problem of forming an alloy between the platinum crucible and the platinum sample can be solved by adding a thin layer of oxidation at the bottom of the platinum crucible
Aluminum powder, and then put the metal sample on top of the alumina powder.

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