Project Description

30 ul Alumina Crucible for MT Mettler Toledo ME-51140843

Product Serial Number:400

Crucible Color: white color.

Can Custom or not:  yes.

Product  Description:

Product Name: Alumina crucible 30 µL crucibles with lids for Mettler Toledo ME-51140843

Quantity: 20 sets each, 100 sets each.

Material:99% Al2O3 Ceramic

Shape: Cylinder

Capacity: 30 µL

Supplier: Better Ceramic CO.,Ltd.

Application instrument: Mettler Toledo.

Use time: These crucibles can be reused after mechanical cleaning and store them.

Alumina (aluminum oxide) crucibles are the crucibles that are normally used for TGA measurements, above all when the TG
signal, and not the SDTA signal, is important.

How to clean the Alumna ceramic crucibles and lids?

If need be, in water (or possibly even in 10% hydrochloric acid) because many salts are soluble in water. Oxides form chlorides in hydrochloric acid, which can then be removed by rinsing. After drying, heat the crucibles to red heat to ensure that no weight loss occurs when they are used.

Except for Alumina (Al2O3) Thermal Analyzer Crucibles for Mettler Toledo, we supply DSC, TGA sample pans for TA, PerkinElmer, Netzsch, TGA, Linseis, DuPont, Setaram, Rigaku, Setaram, SII, Bruker AXS, Shimadzu, etc.

Can custom pans as requested, do ODM or OEM. Contact us soon!

Product Size:

Name Capacity Thermal analysis instrument Code#
Alumina crucible
30 µL crucibles with lids
Set of 20 pcs ME-51140843
30ul Mettler Toledo/Shimadzu ME-51140843, 201-54321, 201-56825-90
Alumina crucible
70 µL crucibles with lids
Set of 20 pcs ME-00024123
70ul Mettler Toledo ME-00024123
Alumina crucible 85ul Mettler Toledo Mettler(6.5*5mm)
Alumina crucible
150 µL crucibles with lids
Set of 20 pcs ME-00024124
150ul Mettler Toledo ME-00024124
Alumina crucible
900 µL crucibles with lids
Set of 4 pcs ME-51119960
900ul Mettler Toledo ME-51119960

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