Project Description

High Hardness Zirconia Plate Block of variety of shapes

Zirconia ceramic are used in shaft , plunger, high-pressure cleaning machine, auto mobile Industrial and oil drilling equipment with high density, bending strength and breaking tenacity.

Product Serial Number:203

Product details:
a)Material: zirconia ceramics
b)Can custom your need product:yes
c)Function:Insulating ceramics, fixed and seal
d)Production way: machining

Product  Description:

1.High purity of Zirconia insulating ceramic block has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and strengthen sufficient mechanical, and can be used under various harsh conditions.
2. The product is processed through various processes to make the product having higher processing accuracy and meet the special use requirements of different industries.

nia ceramics performance Density g/cm3 ≥6.0
Water absorption % <0.05
Firing temperature °C 1550
Hardness HV 1350
Bending strength MPa 950
Compression strength Mpa 25000
Breaking tenacity Mpa·m1/2 8
Hot expansion coefficient /°C 9.5×10-6
Processing technology
Process range (mm)
Outside Diameter 1—300
Inside Diameter 0.5—300
Length 0.5—800
Accuracy of working (mm)
Perpendicularity 0.01
Concentricity 0.01
Roundness 0.005
Straightness 0.005
Parallelism 0.01
Planeness 0.005
Roughness 0.05
Fit clearance 0.005

Can custom your need shape and size of zircoina ceramics, please send us samples or design drawing.

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