Project Description

Alumina Sandblasting Nozzle Preservative and Wear Resistant

Ceramic Sandblast Nozzle Insulating can be used as industrial insulating ceramic parts and electronic ceramic accessories, which have the characteristics of insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Product Serial Number:204

Product details:
a)Material: alumina ceramics
b)Can custom your need product:yes
c)Function:Insulating ceramics
d)Microstructure: monocrystal
e)Size: 100mm

Product  Description:

1.Alumina sandblasting nozzle has good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and enough mechanical strength, and can be used in a variety of harsh conditions.
2.The product passes each working procedure’s fine processing processing, causes the product to have the higher processing precision, and satisfies the different profession special use request.

Our equipment:
1.Powder forming equipment
2.High temperature furnace
3.Dry pressing equipment

About us:
1. Honest enterprise, advanced technology
Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of special ceramic products. It is a professional manufacturer of precision products such as new-type industrial ceramics and wear-resistant materials.
2. Professional R & D, quality assurance
Has a group of production teams with many years of experience in the industry, the company in the development process with excellent quality, excellent production team, advanced machinery and equipment and strict production management, good production research and development and quality inspection system Stable supply.
3. Factory direct sales, high cost performance
A variety of industrial ceramics and wear-resistant materials are sold directly at the factory, which solves problems efficiently and reduces procurement costs without cutting corners.
4. Quality service, worry-free after sales
The company not only provides comprehensive after-sales service, flexible mechanism, and targeted customer needs, but also provides customers with tailor-made solutions, professional sales and after-sales team.

           Material alumina silicon carbide silicon nitride silicon nitride
Series Al2O3 SiC SiN SiN
Color ivory white black black milk white/ ash black
Content(%) 99.0%~99.5% ··· ··· ···
Main Features Excellent High frequency electrical insulation High temperature strength well High temperature strength well High strength and impact resistance
High wear resistance High thermal conductivity Strong impact resistance Good self-lubricity
Corrosion resistance Strong alkali resistance Corrosion resistance Strong alkali resistance
High strength wear-resisting Light weight Smooth surface
High hardness Light weight High toughness
Application Wear parts  Mechanical seal Molten metal component Industrial tool
Corrosion resistant component Sliding parts Metal and plastic pump component
High temperature resistant part High temperature parts Machining parts Wear component
Density Kg/m3 3.9*10 3.16*10 3.3*10 6.0*10
Mechanical property Vickers hardness Gpa 16 23 14 13.2 12.7
Flexure strength Mpa 360 450 1020 1000 1470
Compressive strength Mpa 2350 ··· ··· ··· ···
Fracture toughness Mpa 4 2~3 7 4~5 4~5
Thermal property Coefficient of linear expansion 40-400℃ x10-5/℃ 7.2 3.7 2.8 10.5 10.8
40-800℃ 8 4.4 3.3 11 11.3
Pyroconductivity W/(m·k) 32 200 27 3 3
Specific heat J/(kg·k) 0.78*10 0.67*10 0.65*10 0.46*10 0.46*10
Heat resistant impact property
(in water)
250 ··· >800 300 350
Electrical properties Dielectric strength V/m 15*105 ··· 13*105 11*105 ···
volume resistance
Ω·cm >1014 108 1014 1013 ···
Dielectric constant ··· 9.6 ··· 9.9 33 ···
Loss coefficient X10-4 10 ··· ··· 520 ···

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