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95% Alumina Ceramic Cupel Cup for Coal Ash Content Analysis

We are a High alumina ceramic cuple, can supply full size and various shape for using teaching ceramic heating,tube furnace and ceramic heating.

Product Serial Number:023

Product details:
1. Material: 95 alumina(alumina oxide, Al2O3)
2. Working in high temperature: 1200 -1500 Deg. ℃ for long time.
3. Advantages: have high purity, good chemical resistance; good thermal shock resistance, good resistance to cold and heat, not easy to crack; good high temperature insulation and mechanical strength; large thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion rate, etc.

Product  Description:

Some situation, porcelain cuple cannot reach the requirement of user to use it in high temperature, but use the 95% Alumina Ceramic Cuple can solve the problem.

Storage .
1. The  Alumina Ceramic Cuple for Laboratory Analysis shall be kept in a dry, gentle and ventilated place. Because the crucible is hygroscopic, it will absorb moisture from the air and from the humid ground. If the storage is under unfavorable conditions of humidity or foggy, high humidity, it is recommended that the crucible be drained of moisture before installation.

2. The Alumina Ceramic Cuple should always be placed on the pallet, not directly on the cement floor, crushed stone floor or soil floor, if the wet crucible is violently heated or comes into contact with the molten floor, it may cause cracking or violent reflection.

Product Size:

Physical and chemical property Sheet of alumina crucible industries
Technical characteristic Numerical value
Alumina content 99% ~ 99.5% alumina
Silicon dioxide content <0.2
Usage temperature Long time in 1600℃
Moh’s hardness 8 ~9
Volume density slip casting:3.7~3.9
mechanism of forming: none
hot briquetting: 3.7~3.85
Water absorption <0.1~0.2
 Normal temperature flexural strength slip casting:200 2000kg/cm2
hot briquetting:150 1500kg/cm2

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