Project Description

97mm 88mm 77mm size Alumina Combustion Boat for Lab use

Supply alumina combustion boas with different size, it is useful furnace tube as sintering spare parts or Lab consumables

Product Serial Number:013

Product details:
1.Name:Alumina Combustion Boat, it is also called alumina boats crucibles, aluminium oxide boats, ceramic combustion boats or corundum boats.
2.Material: 99.0% alumina ceramic
3.Bearing temperature:1600 degrees centigrade for long time, 1800 degrees centigrade for short time.

Product  Description:

Resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, rapid cooling, rapid heat, chemical corrosion.

Widely used for lab mini muffle furnace, high temperature tube resistance furnace, vacuum vertical tubular furnace and small vertical tubular furnace
in a variety of laboratories, metal, non-metal sample analysis and melting materials and a variety of industrial analysis.

Should store it seal dry environment.

Features of our alumina boats or crucibles
1. High precision, density, mechanical strength and strong chemical stability.
2. Strong anti-oxidation and long service life.
3. Excellent high temperature resistance and good insulation performance.
4. Good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

Can be customized according to customer needs
1. Please provide product drawings.
2. Describe the size, quantity, thickness, etc.
3. Determine the processing technology (such as simple cutting, punching, custom-made shaped parts, smoothing, sawing, etc.)

About Al2O3
Alumina ceramic is a chemical composed of aluminum and oxygen (Al2O3), and activated alumina consists of several transitional phases of aluminum oxide. Activated aluminas are used in many industries that manufacture high purity products.

Product Size:

Size of high alumina combustion boat
Code Lengthmm Widthmm Heightmm
BC270 115 30 20
BC271 97 17 12
BC272 88 15 9
BC273 77 13 8
BC274 60 11 8
BC275 44 11 8
BC276 40 10 7
BC277 39 10 6.5
BC278 27 7 6

Tips: The size is being updated continuously, if cannot find your need size in above list, please contact us directly.

Physical and chemical property Sheet of alumina crucible industries
Technical characteristic Numerical value
Alumina content 99% ~ 99.5% alumina
Silicon dioxide content <0.2
Usage temperature Long time in 1600℃
Moh’s hardness 8 ~9
Volume density slip casting:3.7~3.9
mechanism of forming: none
hot briquetting: 3.7~3.85
Water absorption <0.1~0.2
 Normal temperature flexural strength slip casting:200 2000kg/cm2
hot briquetting:150 1500kg/cm2

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