Project Description

Alumina mortar and pestle for Lab use from 60mm to 305mm

Two type: with spout and without spout, and with high purity that could keep products are in minimum sample contamination.

Product Serial Number:200

Product details:
Material: 99.0% purity of alumina, it is harder than agate.
Shape:bowl shape
Application:used of Corundum Ceramic Mortar Pestle for advanced abrasive materials with strong quality and wear resistance. For pharmacy, chemicals, food industy and other materials grinding, Laboratory or teaching.

Product  Description:

1. High alumina purity:al2o3>99%,good corrosion resistance.
2. High temperature resistance,1600C in long use,1800C in short use.
3. Good thermal shock,no easy to crack.
4. High purity of material, it can keep the testing object have no chance to be contaminated.
5. Extremely hard of 9 on Mohs Scale that it almost none absorbent.

Grind or mix solids evenly.Laboratory alumina mortar is mainly used for grinding solid reagents and samples, etc. It should be noted that the use of grinding and glass can not act on the material.

Method of use
Advanced grinding used in laboratories, pharmaceutical factories and chemical laboratories, with high compressive strength and acid and alkali resistance.After grinding, no substance of the bowl body will be mixed into the ground.

(1) Alumina Ceramic Grinding Bowl And Hammer can only be crushed, not crushed and not as a reactor;
(2) it cannot grind explosion-prone objects, and the loading occupies 1/3 of the volume at most.
(3) materials that cannot be ground and act on glass cannot be hit when used;cannot impact and No baking.

Product Size:

Alumina Mortar and pestle size:
Item NO. Description Outer Dia.(mm)
BM01 99% alumina mortar with pestle 60
BM02 80
BM03 100
BM04 130
BM05 150
BM06 160
BM07 225
BM08 254
BM09 305

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