Project Description

Alumina Ceramic Lids 960239.901 SDT/TGA to TA 6.5mm

960239.901 Alumina Lids, SDT, for use with 960070.901 and 961060.901.

Product Serial Number:522

Product details:
1)Material: Aluminum Oxide 99.5%
2)Color: white color

Product  Description:

Alumina Ceramic Lids 960239.901 SDT/TGA for TA instruments.
Qty./Pkg. : 3 each, 20 each, 50 each and 100 each.

960239.901 TA sample lids,for use with P/N: 960070.901 and P/N: 961060.901.

Experimental tips.
Cleaning and recycling of alumina Lids after use: You can use aqua regia and ammonia to soak and clean.

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