Project Description

100 µL Aluminum crucibles with lids compare Mettler 51119872

100ul Flat Mettler DSC crucibles and covers set for ME-51119872 / 51119871

Crucible base is without pin

Product Serial Number:530

Product details:
1)Material: Aluminum Oxide 99.5%
2)Capacity: 100ul
3)Color: nature color

Product  Description:

High Aluminum Mettler DSC Pans and Lids compare to ME-51119872 and 51119871 .
Base of crucible: flat, without pin.
Qty./Pkg. : 100 each.

1. Aluminum sample dish and lid: for non-volatile solid samples such as polymers and pharmaceuticals, typically used for polymer melting, crystallization and glass transition studies of polymers, thermoplastic materials and thermoset materials; the sample dish is bayonet type but not sealed.

2. High-quality sample trays/crucibles can help expand the range of DSC applications. Using a large volume of sample trays/crucibles to put in more samples can determine weak thermal effects, and to obtain good resolution you can use lightweight sample trays/crucibles with good thermal conductivity.

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