Project Description

TGA Alumina Crucible Large 900μl compare to Mettler ME-51119960

Thermal analyzer pans are normally used for TGA measurement for Mettler.

Product Serial Number:402

Product details:
1)Material: 99.5% purity of aluminum oxide.
3)Color: white color

900 μl Alumina Crucible Large With Lids for ME-51119960
OEM: ME-51119960
Qty./Pkg. : 100 each.

Thermal analyzer pans are normally used for TGA measurements. These crucibles can be reused.

Aluminum oxide crucibles for measurements up to 1600°C
Large volume could increases the sensitivity.
Big capacity increase the quantity of samples.
High Material guarantees high form stability.
Product flatness ensures perfect thermal contact.

Tips: In the experiment, a small sample size is generally selected with acceptable sensitivity, and the bulk sample is sliced or crushed, and the powder sample is made into a thin layer at the bottom of the crucible.
For TG test (gas-solid reaction or reaction with gas product escaping), if the sample size is large and the accumulation is high, the compaction degree should be appropriately selected according to the actual situation.

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