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Aluminum Crucible Standard Flat Sample Pan 40µL for ME-00026763

Aluminum Flat crucible without pin compare to ME-00026763, it always used for DSC measurement.

Product Serial Number:505

Product details:
1)Material: Aluminum 99.5%
2)Capacity: 40ul
3)Color: nature color

40ul Aluminum Flat Sample Pan and Lid for ME-00026763
Set: a sample pan and a cover
Qty./Pkg. : 100 each, 400 each.
Crucible base: flat.

The Mettler 40 L crucible has the minimum signal time constant, especially when combined with helium gas.It is ideal for pressing film, sheet or powder samples into the bottom of the crucible.The gap between the crucible and the lid forms a naturally generated atmosphere. However, if a hole is drilled in the lid, the atmosphere can be freely exchanged.

It is often used for DSC testing
Crucible is the container of sample and plays the role of protecting DSC sensor from contact with sample.The crucible should generally be inert to the sample, that is, it should not react with the sample at all.
In most cases, aluminum is inert, but is corroded (dissolved) by sodium hydroxide and many acids.In some cases, metal samples will form a co-fusion metal with aluminum.

Solution: heat the aluminum crucible in 400℃ air for 10min to strengthen the oxidation protective layer.Under pressure, aluminum crucible made of pure aluminum can be sealed by cold welding with special tablet press.The standard 40 L aluminium crucible with a lid, mettler-Tolido, is the most commonly used. Because the time constant of the light aluminium crucible is smaller and the separation of peaks can be improved, it is often used for testing thin films and powder samples, etc. However, this light crucible is not suitable for liquid samples, as the lid often extrudes the sample.

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