Project Description

90 μL Premium Alumina Sample Cups SDT for 960070.901

Discovery SDT 650 and Q600 Sample Pans. OEM Alumina ceramic crucibles for TA instruments.

Product Serial Number:523

Product details:
1)Material: Aluminum Oxide 99.5%
2)Capacity: 90ul
3)Color: white color

Product  Description:

90 μL Premium Alumina Sample Cups SDT for 960070.901
Qty./Pkg. : 3 each, 20 each, 50 each and 100 each.

Advantages of Alumina Thermal Analysis Pan.
1. High thermal conductivity: Fast heat transfer between the sample and the Alumina Sample Cups ensures that there is a very small temperature difference between the two and a uniform temperature distribution.
2. Stable structure performance: High purity powder with precision control of high temperature sintering process, forming a dense, uniform microscopic crystalline structure, to ensure that no peak in the process of use, and the analysis of the sample is not easy to physical and chemical reactions.
3. High temperature stability: The use of a wide range of temperature, working temperature can reach 1600 degrees.

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