Project Description

40μl Copper Crucible Pan compare to Mettler ME-51140407

ME-51140407 without pin without lid for Thermal Analysis – Mettler Toledo.

Product Serial Number:401

Product details:
1)Material: high purity of copper.
2)Capacity: 40μl
3)Color: nature color.

Product  Description:

Copper Crucible 40 μl ME-51140407 For Mettler Toledo
OEM: ME-51140407
Qty./Pkg. : 100 each.

This copper pot was designed without a cover. Due to the catalytic effect of copper, it is often used to determine the oxidation stability of copper in its presence. The induction time calculated by this method is usually compared with the value calculated with an inert aluminum pan.
However, because some customers need to use LIDS in the experiment, our company also made matching copper LIDS, which can be used as a matching copper crucibles.

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